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By: Marketing Team on January 27th, 2021

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The Top Industries with Cybersecurity Concerns


Cybersecurity has never been a more important topic than it is now. It seems like every day there is a new story of a huge organization becoming the victim of the newest cyber attack. However, some businesses are more at risk than others.

The top industries with cybersecurity concerns are usually those with large influence. It’s always important to remember that cyber-attacks are looking for two things.

  1. Low hanging fruit
  2. Big return with little effort

Attackers like easy targets. Despite what many people think, there isn’t a group of cybercriminals looking to take down “The Man” as you may see on TV. It isn’t a group of revolutionaries that are committing the biggest attacks.

a hacker

It is usually a group of individuals that are looking to make big money without having to work that hard for it. There is an entire black market that exists to buy and sell ransomware and other malicious software just to attack businesses.

Attackers are usually looking to exploit an easy weakness that lets them in. This could be done with something as simple as a successful phishing attempt that allows some trojan to get backdoor access. This could happen on an extremely low level within a large organization that spreads to create a massive problem. 

So even though some of the biggest industries have the most money to spend on cybersecurity, those are still the ones that are attacked the most. 

Here are some of the most vulnerable industries to cyber-attacks!

  • Hospital Healthcare
    Healthcare has always been a top target for cybercriminals. The constant changes in the field and the use of new technology make it a favorite for criminals. New additions like electronic health records and remote patient monitoring give cybercriminals new methods of breaking in. There are also so many financial records alongside very personal health data. All of this sensitive data makes it the perfect target for ransomware.

  • BankFinance and Banking
    This should be no surprise. If you put millions or billions of dollars in financial transactions in one place then you are sure to be a target. Banking information is a great score for cyber attackers. If you freeze the money for any organization then you are in control. Plus, they can see how much money they can leverage a business for. Most organizations think that they are safer than they are. Accenture found in 2016 that while most financial institutions think their security is effective, that actually 1 in 3 attacks is successful.

  • ShopRetail
    We all remember when Target was hacked and millions of customers' information were breached.
    However, many retail shops are attacked all the time. In the same way that financial institutions are a favorite, so are retail. Retail shops carry customers' credit card numbers and other private information that attackers love. This makes retail a common target for those who want to steal your data.

  • GovernmentGovernment and Military
    This is a scary prospect, but it makes sense. Attackers do not care where they are getting the money from and are even happy to attack the government. The government also typically has lower security in some areas than massive organizations that can spend much more on the same solutions.

Everyone is Vulnerable

While there are industries that are more susceptible than others, everyone is vulnerable. As we mentioned above, attackers do not care who they attack. If your personal or business information is out there then there is a chance that you could be attacked.

Not every attacker wants or needs to make millions from attacking huge companies. Some people do it without the desire for money just for the ego. But most attackers just want a quick and easy payout. Wouldn’t you be happy to make a couple of thousand dollars from doing almost nothing? So would your attacker.

How to Stay Safe

When it comes to cybersecurity the first thing is to follow basic online security. It is amazing how following basic security tips and being aware of the threats can help.

However, businesses should always take the extra step when they want to keep their data secure. We recommend working with a superb cybersecurity team that can help you stay secure.

Managed services teams like ours at Intelligent Technical Solutions have been a proven solution for many industries and organizations.

Reach out to us for our FREE network assessment to learn about how we can help secure your business from a cyber attack before its too late!

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