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windows-server-blue-a517bed8722d2e78ITS Microsoft Windows Server Support Services keep your security infrastructure current and help you to react swiftly to any problem that may occur. Support Services include crucial updates and upgrades, the finest technical support, access to extensive electronic tools and timely hardware replacement.

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ITS Microsoft Windows Server Support ensures that an organization's network is running at its peak performance by providing the highest level of 24x7 technical support for mission-critical environments.

Customers will benefit from a dedicated account manager and expert team of technical engineers who will provide fast resolution of high-priority support issues, ensuring that equipment maintains continuous uptime.

ITS Microsoft Windows Server Support is designed for businesses who cannot afford extended periods of downtime for their mission critical environments

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Get unlimited access to our rigorously trained technical support engineers with our managed IT services. We’ll respond to email or phone calls within one hour, round the clock, 365 days a year.
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ITS Support customers have exclusive access to all software releases, major and minor. All software is available for download through the Support Center and our IT managed Services will have your entire organisation covered.

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Get 24×7 access to critical tech info, like FAQs, field alerts, release notes, product documentation and updates and upgrades and most importantly 24x7 technical support for your business.

ITS Support Team Can Replace Hardware Within 24hrs.

Get any replacement part by the next business day. Just return the defective one to us as soon as you get it.

You Can Count On ITs Managed Services Support.

Get the highest level of priority support from ITS elite certified mobility engineers. Choose our managed services and your entire business will be covered for hardware & software support.

ITS Resident Engineer.

ITS Bring highly customized onsite expertise to your own network IT staff. Your Resident Engineer is dedicated to helping you avoid common network pitfalls, proactively fix problems, and access resources at ITS.

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