Is Your IT Failing to Deliver?

When you suffer from inconsistent or subpar IT support, it’s your business and team members that suffer through the frustrations. These often include: 

  • Low team productivity 
  • Stressed out workforce
  • Repeated cyber-attacks and data breaches 
  • Recurring IT issues that never get resolved completely 
  • Slow response time and poor quality service from your IT provider
  • Frustrated clients and team members who can’t get their work done efficiently 

You don’t have to face those outcomes in today’s advanced digital age. These issues are resolvable. Thankfully, there is a way to get reliable, consistent and high-quality IT support. 

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The ITS Way

Is your IT company struggling to deal with the “noise”? You notice an increase in requests and tickets that bog down your IT company’s reactive support team. This results in unfinished work piling up as the team continuously pulls resources from other departments, trying to stay on top of the growing backlog. As a result, no new projects are being implemented, and all your operations begin slowing down – eventually, breaking down.

That is what we call the "Reactive Spiral of Death," and it's a difficult cycle to break. 

That was the cycle we found ourselves in with the standard Managed Service Provider (MSP) model that we used to employ for our teams. Then in 2017, one of our board members proposed and adopted a new archetype that created two new departments, helping pave the way for the ITS proven process.

With it, we are able to dramatically reduce IT tickets per endpoint, as well as work through existing tickets more efficiently. That meant increased productivity for our clients and our teams. We could then complete the tasks productively and focus on more strategic initiatives like how to leverage your technology optimally helping move your company forward. 

The ITS Way

The Three Main Departments of an MSP

The three yellow boxes in the image above represent the three main departments that all successful Managed Services Providers (MSP) have. They are: 

What’s Unique with ITS

The two components represented by the blue boxes are the two special departments at ITS that help optimize our services for your organization. They are: 

Alignment Engineering

While the three main components listed above are meant to help compartmentalize our services to ensure the highest levels of quality, what tends to happen to most MSPs that rely on just those three, is what we call the “reactive spiral of death.” That means that day-to-day tickets start flooding in and force the MSP to pull resources from other departments into the Reactive Support department. As a result, it leads to a host of different issues for the other departments such as delayed projects, etc. 

ITS’ Alignment Engineering prevents that from happening. That’s because we have network compliance engineers that help minimize the noise and reduce tickets coming from the Reactive Support department by preventing common network issues from occurring in the first place. 

The department does this by running your network through a list of 400 processes and procedures that adhere to best practices. Doing so can help eliminate IT tickets generated by systems that are out of alignment. This frees up our different departments to serve their core functions, helping us deliver the high-level of service our clients have come to expect. 

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Technology Consulting

This department refers to our virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) capabilities. A vCIO works hand-in-hand with the Alignment Engineering department to identify and resolve issues faced by our clients each year. This is a continuous refinement process that helps us keep your organization aligned with best-practices technology standards. 

While most providers only implement standards twice: when they install something new and when they need to fix something; ITS does it on an ongoing basis. That helps us ensure that all your IT systems are secure and working the day efficiently they installed while also proactively maintaining after the fact. 

This department is also responsible for sitting down with clients for a strategic business review (SBR). The SBR will help your business strategize and prioritize technology planning, as well as help budget for important investments moving forward. 

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Your business deserves only reliable, consistent, and high quality IT support.

Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our consultants to find out if ITS is the right IT partner for you.

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Your business deserves only reliable, consistent, and high quality IT support.

Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our consultants to find out if ITS is the right IT partner for you.

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