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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on March 25th, 2023

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5 Must-Dos to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Incident [Video]


must dos cyberattacks

Year by year, cyberattacks only continue to rise. So in this video, we’ll break down the 5 must-dos to protect your business from a cyber incident. 

0:51 #1 Educating Your Users 

95% of breaches are caused by human error. This means your users are unwitting participants of many cybersecurity attacks. The best way to protect your business from this is to educate and train your users, which includes your employees and customers.  End users should regularly undergo a cybersecurity awareness program where they are taught the best cybersecurity practices like creating secure login credentials and recognizing common cyberattacks. 

2:07 #2 Properly Managing Your Data 

Data is the new gold and it’s a highly sought after commodity. Hackers know the value of data, and they’re motivated to get it. At the most basic level, you should be able to classify your data, know where each type is stored, and track their flow in your systems. You want to have multiple copies of data in different locations stored in different media. Having a solid backup and restoration process is also critical to ensure you won’t have to rely on paying ransom money in case criminals get their hands on your data. 

3:23 #3 Install Robust Cybersecurity Protection 

Approach your cybersecurity through a layered approach. Be sure to have multi-factor authentication enabled, have reliable third-party patching procedures, robust backups stored in multiple locations, next-generation antivirus, and thorough asset management. 

4:23 #4 Create an Incident Response Plan 

There is no way to guarantee 100% protection against cyberattacks, so it’s best to be prepared when it happens. Create a comprehensive response plan that outlines how to resolve issues and explains the role of each employee. Having this should help lessen the blow of an attack and ensure that team members know what is expected of them. 

5:25 #5 Partner with Professionals 

Cybersecurity management is no small task. Expert-level knowledge and tools are needed to obtain max protection, and this is something you can achieve by partnering with managed security service providers or MSSPs. These are teams of IT professionals who specialize in cybersecurity. They will equip your company with the latest technologies and practices that experts are privy to and have mastered. 

Protecting your business from cyberattacks should be priority number one, especially now when malicious actors have greater numbers and techniques. If you wish to know how your business’ cybersecurity programs would fare against hackers, get a free assessment from our experts. Free Cybersecurity Scan