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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on May 4th, 2023

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Look-Alike Domain Name Impersonation: How to Protect Your Business [Video]


look alike domain name

Look-Alike Domain Name impersonation exploits simple oversight and typos to break into your network or cause your business other frustrations. In this video, we’ll break down what it is and how you can protect yourself against them. 

0:58 What is a Look-Alike Domain Name Impersonation 

Look-alike domain name impersonation is the use of a nearly identical but slightly altered domain name of a legitimate business with the intent to commit cybercrimes. 

1:35 What are the types of Look-Alike Domain Name Impersonation? 

  1. Cybersquatting 
  2. Typosquatting 
  3. Business Email Compromise 

3:13 What are the dangers of Look-Alike Domain Name Impersonation? 

  1. Damage to Business Reputation 
  2. Lower Website Traffic 
  3. Increased Vulnerability 
  4. Loss in Profit 

4:20 How to protect your business against Look-Alike Domain Name Impersonation? 

  1. Register Your Domain 
  2. Active Domain Monitoring 
  3. Prioritize Immediate Mitigation 
  4. Decrease Human Liability 
  5. Regular Consumer/Client Education

Now that you know all there is about look-alike domain name impersonations and how to prevent them, you can put your business in a better, more secure position. To ensure your team members are equally informed and educated about these threats, read our article on security awareness training and how it can help your team. 

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