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By: Marketing Team on January 18th, 2021

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Free and Easy Cyber Security Tips


Nobody wants to pay more for IT. Even though we think that IT costs are basically always worth it, there are always free ways to make sure you are being safe online. In this article, learn these easy cybersecurity tips. 

Free Cybersecurity Tips 

Whether you are a business owner who wants to secure their network, or just a person on their computer at home, these tips will help you!

change password reminderPassword Security!

This is the first and most obvious tip that we can give. There is no cost to creating a safe password. However, most people still don’t follow this piece of advice closely enough. Many people still leave themselves open to brute force entry attacks, and phishing tactics. This is why we recommend that everyone follow our password safety tips to make sure that they are doing all they can to protect the most basic part of their cybersecurity.

two-factor authentication-1Utilize 2FA!

If you aren’t using two-factor authentication for your most important accounts then you are leaving yourself open. Most services offer free 2FA support to help protect your data from those who may steal it. This is like adding a free second lock to keep people out even if they obtain your password. 2FA has become the standard for those who care about cybersecurity. It is free, easy, and secure to use, and should be added to all your most important logins.

ongoing software updateKeep Everything Up to Date!

How many of us have gotten a notification to update a program and simply delay it every time. This may allow you to be more productive at the moment, but you could be leaving yourself open to attacks. Many people think that their programs don’t need to be updated because everything seems to be working fine and they don’t want to introduce new “bugs.” However, software updates are usually essential to fix old bugs that put you in danger in the first place. Update your system regularly to make sure you are as safe as possible.

an open port in the firewallClose Firewall Ports!

Firewalls are the barrier that keeps your information from everyone on the web. The firewall will only allow certain material to pass through it into your network, and out into the internet. This is essential for keeping malware off your device and keeping your personal data safe. However, firewall ports, or access points, sometimes are left open. This can leave you vulnerable to someone who knows how to exploit these mistakes. Follow the practice of closing common firewall ports to help secure your network.

VPN added securityUse a VPN!

A VPN is a great way for anyone to get added security. VPNs are usually free or cheap options for just about anyone to add another level of security. The firewall filters information, but a VPN can create a private tunnel to protect and hide your ISP. This can make it harder for people to identify you online and access your network. VPNs are also a great way to connect safely with other people who are in remote locations. You can create a tunnel that connects the two without holes to allow someone else in.

Enhance Your Network Security More

While these options are all free things you can do yourself, a great way to make sure your network is safe is to work with professionals. If you are looking for affordable technology solutions for your business then we highly recommend working with an MSP.

Nobody wants to pay more for business solutions. That’s why at Intelligent Technical Solutions we offer a FREE, no obligations network assessment to help you secure your network. We want to help make your system safe without breaking the bank. 

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