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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on February 24th, 2022

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Buying Business Internet [Video]

Business Internet | Video

business internet

Businesses that rely on technology need to have fast and reliable internet. In this video, we’ll go over the ways you can get business internet for your company. 

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0:36 What are your options when buying business internet? 

When buying business internet, owners often immediately think of the big names. However, there are some stipulations that come with buying internet from the bigger providers. They are: 

  • Contractual obligations 
  • Difficult to get support 
  • Difficult to make changes to your plan 

The big names are not the only option for business internet. Companies can also purchase their internet from local IT providers like ITS. 

Some advantages of going with a local business internet provider are: 

  • Competitive pricing 
  • Flexible terms 
  • Single point of contact for your IT services 

3:05 What type of internet is out there? And what’s the pricing? 

There are two types of internet:
(1) Cable Modem and
(2) Fiber.

Cable Modem is asymmetrical, which means it provides faster download speeds and slower upload speeds. Browsing the internet is typically fast, but streaming videos and other content to the world can be bottlenecked. It offers speeds between 25Mb/s to over 1Gb/s. Cable modem costs between $80 to $300/month. 

Fiber Internet is symmetrical, which means it provides the same download and upload speeds. It is good for larger offices that need more upload capacity while in video meetings or sending files to the cloud. It offers speeds between 20Mb/s to over 1Gb/s. Fiber Internet costs between $500 to $2000/month. 

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