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By: laurencem on July 10th, 2018

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69% of Businesses Can't Stop Cyber Threats Without This


Every summer, Las Vegas hosts the Black Hat information security conference, bringing together security experts from around the world to share the latest tools and research in cybersecurity. A recent survey of the industry's most informed experts reveals several chilling conclusions about cybersecurity today.

69% of businesses don't have enough skilled IT staff to stop cyber threats.

Optimized-IT_personnel69% of IT security professionals believe that US enterprise data is less secure today as a direct result of state-sponsored hacking originating from countries such as China and Russia.

60% of survey respondents expect to see a successful cyber attack carried out against critical infrastructure in the United States within the next two years.


Only 26% of information security professionals believe that U.S. defense forces have the equipment and training to respond appropriately to a large-scale cyber attack.

36% of cybersecurity professionals say that the most serious new threat today is the rapid increase in the use of ransomware.

50% of IT professionals are most concerned about phishing and social engineering attacks directed at their own organizations.

45% of cybersecurity professionals are worried about sophisticated tax targeted directly at their organization.

38% of survey respondents said that the weakest link in today's IT defenses is end-users who fail to follow their organization's security policy and are too easily fooled by social engineering attacks.

Two-thirds of professionals expect to see a major security breach threaten their own organization within the next 12 months.

69% of survey respondents say that their organization lacks sufficient staff to stop a major security breach or other cyber threat.

31% of cybersecurity professionals say that the primary reason most security strategies and technologies fail is because of a shortage of qualified people and skills.

Don't be caught unprepared. Protect your business against cyber threats.

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