Phoenix IT Services

If you are a business owner in Los Angeles, you rely on your technology. We help companies in Los Angeles thrive by helping them have the IT services and systems they need to be able to support their team. We enable technology for businesses so you are not dealing with emails not working or the internet being down, etc. We are here to help you maintain the security and the uptime of your computer network so that people can continue working. When your systems are down, you lose money. We make sure your IT Services are taken care of so you can take care of your business.

We help companies manage their servers, set up 2FA, secure their email and make it possible to make working from home a reality. We also create dashboards to help you business utilize business intelligence and have Microsoft server and sharepoint experts on staff to help you.

Cloud Security

Now that your data has been migrating to the cloud, who is managing the security? Do you have a system in place to ensure your users have the right access and use 2 Factor Authentication for critical apps like banking? If an employee is let go, how do you ensure they do not regain access? We help ensure your team has access when they should and don't have access to what they shouldn't have access to.

Cloud Services

Many of the platforms businesses use are now hosted on the Cloud. One of the biggest challenges for an organization can be "subscription bloat." Are you using all of the services you are paying for? Are you using the right services? Are they compatible with one another or can they connect with one another? We want to be sure the Cloud services you depend on are the ones that are the very best for your organization. Do you really have the time to research the hundreds of options out there and look at the security of all of them?

VoIP Phones

With offices having to be more and more decentralized, VoIP systems that allow remote login access has proven to be more and more useful for businesses. The other amazing thing is how great sound quality has become. Are you using an older PBX system that has been needing to be swapped out? We can help. We will help reduce your cost while improving your quality because of how far the phone system has come over the past 10 to 15 years.

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