Carol was unsure about the quality of the service and support she was getting from her IT guy. She felt:

  • Upset about his slow response
  • Worried when he was sick or on vacation
  • Nickeled and dimed for every IT support call
  • Uneasy about his disheveled appearance

When Carol heard Intelligent Technical Solutions helps business owners handle their technology needs, she called for a FREE Network Assessment.

A specialist came into Carol’s office and reviewed her IT needs; from servers, workstations, business phones, and disaster recovery plans.

Carol’s advice to you, give ITS A call today for your free network assessment to explore IT solutions that work for you.

After calling ITS for a FREE Network assessment, Carol realized her IT guy was a liability to her business

Through the Assessment's 300+ page report, she learned:

  • Her network gave access to employees that no longer work for her
  • The space on her server was dangerously low
  • Her network had a few security risks
  • Her operating system was not up to date
  • Misconfigurations about her network's domain

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