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Craig Anderson

Director of Client Success

Craig Anderson is the Director of Client Success at Intelligent Technical Solutions. He is responsible for managing client relations to ensure their continued growth and retention. His role is also geared toward making processes more repeatable and scaling across the organization.

Before ITS, Craig already had extensive working experience in the IT industry. He worked for PC Miracles as a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) for a brief period until the merger between PC Miracles, Intivix, and ITS took effect in the last quarter of 2021. Prior to that, he also worked for a Massachusetts-based Managed Service Provider for thirteen years.

Having been into computers since he was five years old, Craig says he most especially loves working in IT, making processes work, and setting things up to run well. He says he gets a lot of satisfaction whenever he can improve something and see it run better without having to keep pushing constantly.

Helping clients get over a roadblock also gets Craig going. He takes pride in seeing the satisfied look on clients’ faces with the work he has done.

Despite his dedication at work, Craig surely knows how to have fun. He has a lot of hobbies and picks up some more when he’s not too busy. He enjoys skiing, cycling, solving crossword puzzles, listening to audiobooks, doing amateur woodwork, and a little bit of gardening. Craig also loves spending time with his wife and their beloved dog.

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