Backup / Disaster Recovery for Small & Medium Businesses

Don't let a disaster put you out of business

Backup Disaster Planning and Recovery -- Don't Let a Disaster Wipe Out Your Business

Will your business in Las Vegas be able to survive a major disaster such as a storm damaging your office, an electrical fire burning through your building, or a possible nighttime break-in on your premises?

While you might rest in the "it's never gonna happen to me" mentality for the scenarios above, are you prepared to deal with the accidental coffee spill on your laptop, the inadvertent keystroke permanently deleting a critical folder, or simply the leaving of a thumb drive in your pockets when throwing your dress into the laundry?

In actuality, the vast majority of disasters take place on a minor scale -- scenarios most companies are altogether unprepared to deal with.

ITS has you covered. We've mapped out hundreds of conceivable scenarios and contingency plans in advance. While we offer a wide variety of tools in ensuring any lost data or disrupted systems are quickly restored, our primary interest is in ensuring preventative measures are in place well in advance.

We audit your systems and work-flow to make sure they are in a safe, secure, redundant position. We provide thorough documentation on setting up your systems with contingency in place on various levels, from CPU, to memory, to network, to wireless access, to Internet connectivity, to power, to data drives. We create a solid road-map for handling disaster no matter what happens.

ITS has your disaster recovery solution in place!:

  • Business Function Maintenance in Disaster - We offer a variety of contingency plans to ensure your business is able to function no matter what disaster strikes.
  • Data Backup and Data Recovery - We ensure your mission-critical data files are 100% secure.
  • Redundancy - We ensure at all levels your systems are safe from any one single point of failure.
  • Documentation - We provide full and thorough documentation of what's in place, what to do, and who to contact, in case of any disaster, major or minor.

ITS combines data backup, data recovery, planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what disaster comes your way. Let us safeguard your organization against calamities that could very well terminate your business as you know it.

Don't end up a casualty.
Contact ITS to assess your company's readiness for disaster.

"The US Bureau of Labor estimates that the vast majority of companies -- up to 93% of them -- end up out of business within 5 years of losing their critical data."

If you have a major data loss, the US Bureau of Labor estimates your chances of staying in business for 5 years is about 5%. Can you afford that risk?

Be part of the winning statistics.
ITS will help formulate a disaster recovery plan
that will ensure your business continuity for years.

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