JP Chua

By: JP Chua on May 5th, 2023

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Why Do I Need to Pay for Firewall [Video]


paying for firewall support

Hardware firewalls require maintenance and support after initial setup. In this video, we'll break down why you need firewall support and the good it would do for your business. 

1:05 Do you really need to pay extra for your firewall maintenance? 

The truth of the matter is: protecting your network does not end upon purchasing your firewall. You need to make sure it is properly managed and maintained to guarantee optimal performance. This includes keeping the firewall's subscription active, which may involve additional costs. 

It's important to consider the total cost of ownership when it comes to firewall management so you don’t get sticker shock with the expense. Cutting corners on firewall maintenance and management can result in potential breaches, making it essential for business owners to allocate the necessary resources to maintain an effective cybersecurity posture. 

2:08 What are the common firewall management failures? 

  1. Incomplete firewall audit  
  2. Misconfiguration  
  3. Missed security patches  
  4. Lack of deep packet inspection 

3:02 Can an MSP manage your firewall? What would be the benefits? 

  1. Saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on firewall management. 
  2. Allowing you to focus on more critical business matters, knowing that your network security is being taken care of. 
  3. Experiencing round-the-clock firewall monitoring and receiving in-depth reports on your network's security status. 
  4. Staying current on the latest security updates without worrying about it yourself.

Now that you have a better understanding of why firewall maintenance is critical, you can confidently move forward and keep your firewalls functional for a long time. If you want to learn more about maintaining your firewall, check out our article entitled “How to Maintain Your Firewall: 5 Best Practices. 

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