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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on February 24th, 2023

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How Can Leaders Create a Cyber Culture [Video]


cyberaware culture

Given the increasing frequency and impact of cyberattacks, especially since the pandemic, cybersecurity is top of mind for most businesses these days. Most have resulted in increasing their budget for cybersecurity, but all this investment may be put to waste if your own team members are the weakest link in your cyber defense. Here is where a cyber-aware culture comes in. We’ll break this down in today’s video. 

1:41 What does a Cyber-aware Culture Look Like? 

A cyber-aware culture encourages and challenges team members to think cyber-first. Team members in a cyber-aware culture are more likely to report or escalate unknown events. A cyber-aware culture is when team members understand the security threats relevant to their role and they do what they can to lower the company’s overall cyber risk. 

2:40 Why is a Cyber-aware Culture Important? 

If cyber-aware values are not completely baked into a company’s culture, employees may not be aware of or support their organization’s security policies. Instead, they can become part of the problem. This can create unexpected opportunities for bad actors to exploit them. 

3:50 How can Leaders Cultivate a Cyber-aware Mindset? 

  1. Leadership makes cybersecurity relatable
  2. Make it human-centric
  3. Make cybersecurity fun and rewarding
  4. Invest in the right cybersecurity tools
  5. Have an incident response plan & conduct tabletop exercises

Now that you know how to cultivate a cyber-aware culture, be sure that you have a written incident response plan in case something slips through the cracks. Download our free Ebook, Creating an Incident Response Plan, to learn more. 

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