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By: laurencem on May 11th, 2018

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Is Confidential Data Safe on Company Laptops?

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Lost or stolen company laptops are the third most common cause of confidential data loss, according to a NetDiligence study, behind only hackers and malware. Altogether, these three most common causes account for 58% of all exposed data. In this blog post, we recommend taking security precautions with your company laptops.

Secured company laptop
A single instance of lost trade secrets or sensitive information can cost a business millions of dollars. Here are the best practices to secure your company laptops.

1. Limit the number of company laptops.

employee on company laptopAlthough sometimes treated as a perk, laptops should only be issued to employees who actually need them to perform job duties. Limiting the number of company laptops helps limit the risk.

2. Remove as much confidential data as possible from laptops.

trash binAny protected information that doesn't absolutely need to be on a laptop should be wiped. Since standard procedures may leave traces of data behind, you should coordinate with managed IT service providers to wipe all protected data.


3. Use a virtual private network to access confidential data.

VPN-3Instead of storing sensitive information on the laptop, use a secure VPN to access it remotely.



4. Require two-factor authentication.

two-factor authenticationBefore allowing access to sensitive information, require users to provide two-factor authentication. This typically involves using a number-generating token in addition to a password.


5. Use a self-destruct function.

auto-destroy functionTo protect sensitive information, consider using an "auto-destroy" function that will automatically wipe the laptop when it is reported stolen.



6. Train employees on laptop security best practices.

cybersecurity training for employeesAlways keep an eye on your laptop in public. Never leave your laptop visible in a car; keep it locked in the trunk. Never pack your laptop in checked baggage unless instructed to do so by airport security. Taking simple precautions like these can often prevent expensive confidential data losses.

Protect your company laptops and all of your other IT assets.

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