Meet the Team

Todd Bentley

Service Manager at ITS

Todd Bentley is the Service Manager at Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), overseeing teams in Nevada, California, and Oregon. His role involves guiding team leads with managing their teams effectively, addressing client relationship issues, and ensuring everyone has the necessary resources to excel in their jobs.  

Todd's primary goal is to support his teams by providing the guidance and resources needed to succeed. He believes that when the teams are successful, clients are satisfied, which in turn benefits ITS.  

Before his current role, Todd was ITS’ Team 1 Lead based in Las Vegas. He was responsible for every employee, technician, and client in Team 1. 

Todd’s journey to becoming a Team Lead and then a Service Manager was built on a solid foundation of over 20 years in the tech industry. Initially a Level 3 Technician, he transitioned into leadership roles, which he found challenging but ultimately fulfilling.  

Todd's persistence and go-with-the-flow attitude has served him well, and he looks forward to continuing his career, always aiming to support his team and clients to the best of his ability. 

Todd Bentley