Disaster Recovery

Losing Data Causes Bankruptcy!

Disaster Recovery Services for Las Vegas!

If you own a business in Las Vegas and need to recover your data then speak to us today.

There are various ways we can recover your data and we are able to advise your company on a sensible plan to ensure you recover all your data lost through our disaster recovery plan.

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Our disaster recovery plans assess your current disaster and the data you may have lost or think you have lost, your data recovery needs and the systems which contain your data.  We look at data recovery as the most important thing you can do to retrieve your lost data.

What would happen if all of your business data vanished today?

  • You'd lose your customer database and contact information
  • You'd lose all the accounting information including who owed you money and how much
  • You'd lose all of your HR data that isn't also in paper format
  • You'd lose critical databases
  • You'd have a MAJOR problem!

If your company has lost its data, meaning that you simply cannot access your data or you think you have lost your companies data, you can speak to us today about the best way to go about recovering your data in the fastest possible time.

What are some types of common methods for disaster recovery?  With storage media, generally you are looking at:

Cloud Computing - Cloud computing is very common as it moves the responsibility of consistent data backups to that company.  Of course, if the company is legitimate, they will ensure data is protected.  If you are unsure of your cloud computing service, ask questions!

Tape Back Up - Tape back up has been a common method of data backup for years.  Of course tapes have a high failure rates and people tend to use the same tapes way past their rated life to save money.

Disk to Disk Backup (D2D) - Utilizing the larger hard drives and technology that has evolved over the last 10 years, Disk to Disk is commonly considered superior to tape back up for Data Recovery.

Solid State Storage - Commonly referred to as a thumb drive or a USB stick. These drives are simple to pull out small amounts of data and are very cheap.

Repository Types
Unstructured - Think of the stack of disks or CD's. It is a "drag and drop" kind of approach.

System Imaging - This type of repository essentially takes a "snapshot" of a computer or a server that the data can be restored to that point.  This is a place in time kind of restoration.

Incremental Backup - The point of incremental back ups are to have more data points and make it so the revision that the computer or server is restored to is close to when the failure occured.

Continuous Data Protection - Any time there are changes in the system, there are logs associated with these changes so that no data is lost in a catastrophe.

The less important the data, the more an unstructured approach can work.  The more important the data, the more a continuous data recovery plan should be employed.

Please give us a call to discuss data recovery in Las Vegas or Data Protection and what we can offer your small to medium sized business.  If it is too late, and the data has already been lost, we can help with that too!