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It seems almost daily, another report of data theft, password breach, or exposed private information hits the airwaves. Along with these come swarms of litigation, fines, and publicity that can bury an organization overnight. Maintaining a robust, intelligent, and proactive security system for your IT infrastructure is more critical than ever.

Security is an ongoing process, not a one-time deal. A thorough assessment from our organization can help you identify where each and every weak point is, as well as ensure those weak points are filled. Such as assessment will provide a formal documentation that you can reference for the months and years to come.

Our tested security assessment methodology includes:


Your comprehensive security report, delivered on conclusion of the assessment,
will include:

  • An overall summary highlighting key issues
  • Formalization of scope and objectives
  • Assumptions that need further clarification
  • Tools and strategies to implement
  • Design of the current environment or systems with applicable diagrams
  • Security requirements
  • Tests for General Control
  • Tests for Vulnerabilities
  • Risk assessment
  • Recommended actions for your organization
Your comprehensive security report, delivered on conclusion of the assessment, will include:

We will outline a series of steps for your organization to take, from training, physical environment setup, social environment setup, encryption, data location, and many factors that you might have taken for granted were in place, or were rock solid – but weren’t.

Each second you wait puts your systems one more second at risk of breach. Begin with your no-risk, free assessment. We can get in touch via email, phone, chat, or in person visit – the choice is yours. Do note, all information you share with us is held in highest confidence.

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