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The truth is, we just love having you as a customer and quite honestly wish we have more like you!

So, instead of just wishing, we thought we’d just ask.


Business Referral

Help Us Out And We’ll Give A Generous Recurring Referral Fee!
It’s Easy To Qualify. Simply Refer A Friend, Get Rewarded!


Refer a FriendREFER A FRIEND

Know someone in the Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco area who is worried about their business technology and has at least 20 computers or employees on their network? Help them out and get in touch with us.



Send us a referral and the ITS Sales Team will reach out and qualify the prospect immediately. To qualify, your referral should sign an MRR agreement. Prospect should not be a current member of EO Detroit, or should not belong to the Intelligent Technical Solutions sales funnel. You will receive an email that the referred prospect is a Qualified Referral.



Once your referral becomes a client, you will receive a referral fee amounting to 1% of the Client's monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for up to 24 months.

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Holler us when you know of a business with the following characteristics:

Is located within the Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Olympia, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Tempe metro area

Has at least 20 workstations and/or 20 employees who require a computer as part of their job and is looking to:

  • replace an unresponsive IT provider
  • OR outsource its in-house IT department
  • OR cut its phone bill by up to 50% (at least 20 phone extensions)
  • OR wants fiber internet for a super-fast connection
referral program

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