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City of Phoenix AZIntelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) is in the business of aiding businesses in the Phoenix area improve aspects of their business processes, including IT services, phone systems, internet connections and secure backup systems.

In business since 2003, ITS can help you focus on growing your business, without being frustrated by slow internet connections and other annoying technical issues.

Fiber Internet

We live in a technology-based world, a quick email is send to a client reminding them that an order is on the way, invoices are created on a computer and searching for information is right at our fingertips. But, what if getting on the internet is more frustrating than useful?

Fiber internet works with fiber optics, which are thin fibers that are made from glass, and provide your business with higher and better frequency ranges than copper wiring. Additionally, fiber optic connections are not susceptible to noise and other annoying issues, commonly associated with DSL or cable connections. In fact, extensive studies have shown, that using a fiber optic internet connection is 100 times faster than standard internet connections, and isn’t that great news for your company?

Smart businesses, that have fiber internet connections, find it easier and more economical to access services that are cloud-based, which ultimately results in more quality business. Contact Intelligent Technical Solutions today, if you want your business to generate more revenue and never again be dropped from an important video conference.

VOIP Phone Systems

Speaking to clients is an important aspect to any business; therefore, you don’t want to experience poor reception, dead zones, or worse, miss an important message from a potential or existing client.

ITS can install a Voice Over IP (VOIP) system that will fit the needs of your company and your employees.
Call ITS today for a free assessment of your current phone system, and to find out if VOIP is the system for you.

Cloud Backup Services

Keeping all your important information properly backed up is important, but honestly, who inserts a flash drive daily and backs up their work? Installing a cloud backup system will minimize this tedious task. Also, current expenses will be reduced, security is improved, as well as, the speed in which work is completed and saved.

Call us today, to find out about all the options available, and to learn about easy access from remote locations, such as your home.

Managed IT Services

Choosing an IT Managed Service Company you can trust may seem like a daunting task, but that is not a problem because when you call Intelligent Technical Solutions, you will get two (2) hours of business IT support FREE.

ITS is committed to providing reliable services, to enhance the operations of your business. We quickly identify a problem and correct it, before it becomes a major issue that will disrupt the operational flow of your growing business.

Run Your Business smoothly and effectively
The time has come to end the worry of bad phone connections, and internet connections being slow and stalled, which can hinder the effective operations of your business. ITS can offer all types of solutions, that will fit your particular business.

If your business is barely surviving, call us today toll free at 888-969-3636, as help is available right now, in order to get your business on the road to being a successful and thriving operation.

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