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city of las vegasIntelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) is dedicated to aiding small businesses increase productivity, by improving current business processes. Our main objective is to assist businesses achieve their goals and thrive, with a system and IT support that works.

ITS has been in business since 2003, and has always kept up with the latest technology to pass on to you. We are a registered Microsoft partner, and this means that exceptional packages, pricing, and technical expert experience, directly from Microsoft, will be passed on to you. Not only is the professional staff experts in current technology, but they are also people experts, as they are able to clearly communicate with the needs of your staff.

Managed IT Services

Be confident in the service you are getting! It can be very difficult to choose an honest IT Managed Service company, in Las Vegas that you can trust. This is not a problem when you call ITS, because you will get two (2) free hours of business IT support, when you call today.

IT services in las vegasTechnology is constantly changing, so the question is, “Is your business functioning in the same way it did 10 years ago?” If so, getting ahead of the game means having an updated IT system in place that is properly managed at a reasonable cost, then ITS can help.

Enhancement, reliability, and commitment are the focus of our company, and this focus is directly link to our own successful company. Computer issues are identified and corrected, before they become a disaster and disruption to the operational flow of your business.

VOIP Phone Systems

End of the frustration of dropped calls, poor reception, lost messages, and exorbitant monthly expenses. If you are looking to install or upgrade the phone system for your Las Vegas business, then ITS can help with Voice Over IP (VOIP).

Switching to a VOIP phone system for your business is not only an economically sound decision, but it is easy to set-up and manage. Additionally, this type of system is scalable, and will grow with your company’s needs.
To find out if VOIP is right for you, call today for a free assessment!

Fiber Internet

Tired of slow internet access? Or stalled service? Fiber Internet is faster and not necessarily more expensive, than T-1 Line or Broadband. For instance, a video that may take 10 minutes to load, will take only seconds to load, if you are using a fiber internet connection. Additionally, fiber internet works well with VOIP services, and our company can help your company bring everything together in one system.

Cloud backup services

We understand that computer upgrades may seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be. It is not uncommon for many businesses to believe that since their current system may work, then why change it. The truth of the matter is that most companies work with an outdated backup system, and could lose everything if not careful. In fact, it is very easy to not only reduce current cost, but improve security and speed with a reliable cloud storage and backup service. ITS will walk you through all updating options, and you can also learn about easy remote access options, that will increase the confidence of working from home.

End the Worry

It is time to stop worrying if technology will fail in the office. The solutions offered by ITS are secure, affordable, and fully managed, which leaves you with peace of mind to run a successful business.

Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means not a single moment goes by, that someone at ITS is not available to deal with an IT emergency. Don’t be a statistic, call today, and allow ITS to help you with a technology system that will have all aspects of your business running smoothly, so that your company will thrive without the worry of technology being outdated and crashing.

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