Las Vegas IT Services

Who would have thought just a few months back, people would be at home working and we would be required to have the tools companies like ours have been telling clients about for years. When we talk about IT Services or Managed IT in Las Vegas, we mean we take care of the systems that are critical to your business running. We take care of things like your Internet, your accounting systems, making sure people can get things from anywhere, and even helping clients deal with the increased risk they are exposed to while people are working from home.

We are a company who has dozens of IT techs who have certifications in some of the most respected names in the IT world. We are a certified Microsoft partner which means we can help you implement programs like Teams, check your licensing and keep your systems up to the latest standards when it comes to IT Support and Service in Las Vegas.

Most of our calls are answered and resolved in minutes, not hours. We are experts at what we do so you can be an expert at what you do. Please let us know how we can help you with your managed IT in Las Vegas.

Cloud Security

With more and more users working from home and connecting to the office and often using the same computers to connect at home, Cloud Security becomes a massive issue for companies to address. We understand your company doesn’t want to think about Cloud Security all the time, this is why we have fun training programs so your employees can avoid the simple mistakes that can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will love how we keep your business protected.

Cloud Services

If you are working remotely, or in different offices, Cloud Services becomes critical. We ensure your Cloud based applications are functioning and safe from intruders. We help you connect to Teams, critical internal systems, all while managing your systems over the Cloud. We can remote in and help your people nearly instantly connect to the apps they rely on, even when they are not in the office.

VoIP Phones

Many businesses have legacy phone systems that are in massive need of being upgraded. We find most of our clients can save money while improving their sound quality, their access and their features also improve. To see how far phones have come in even the last few years, you need to talk to an expert from our team who can help your company. We are passionate about these advancements, even if you just want to save a few bucks with RELIABLE phones at all times. We are here to help!

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