Meet the Team

Geraldine Cheng

Marketing Manager

Geraldine Cheng is ITS’ Marketing Manager and has led the Marketing team since 2019. She oversees the accurate representation of ITS across different mediums and develops communication strategies to help clients find ITS. Her work revolves around effectively sharing ITS’ mission: what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. And she doesn’t aim for Marketing to do it alone – her vision is to see all ITS team members become advocates of the company and its services.

Before working at ITS, Geraldine handled a variety of roles that honed her marketing expertise. She gained a multi-industry perspective through her work as a Brand Marketer for Ford and a Product Marketer for Carrier. These valuable experiences eventually led her to Jexet Technologies, now known as ITS Chicago.

Geraldine has consistently found happiness by dedicating herself to her work. Her favorite responsibility as a Marketing Manager is facilitating the growth and empowerment of her team. A smoothly operating, self-sustaining marketing department brings her joy and thus she’s laid the foundation for an independent team. Geraldine also finds the constant tweaking of workflows the most challenging - and enjoyable - part of heading Marketing.

Outside of work, her appreciation for organized processes pops up in how she runs her business. She applies her marketing know-how to her successful laundry shop. Geraldine also enjoys spending time with her son and caring for her many cats.

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