Cyber Resilience
in Financial Services:

Risk Mitigation Strategies

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In today's age of cyber threats to the financial sector, executive vigilance is not just important but critical.

Boost your company's cyber resilience by joining our March 20th webinar tailored for business leaders and IT decision-makers in finance.

US cybersecurity regulations are changing.
SEC's new rules require public companies to report breaches within four days. This has increased the focus on cybersecurity.

This initiative represents a collective global effort to bolster digital defenses and combat cyber threats, marking a critical step forward in the digital economy's cybersecurity landscape.

This webinar is your strategic guide to staying ahead.

Expect to gain insights on:

gradient-check-circleThe cyber threat landscape impacting finance.

gradient-check-circleSpotting and thwarting cyber risks in the financial sector.

gradient-check-circleConcrete measures to enhance your firm's cyber defenses.

Join our cybersecurity experts,
Rob Schenk (Executive Cybersecurity Expert @ Intelligent Technical Solutions),
Sean Harris (Senior VP of Cybersecurity @ Intelligent Technical Solutions) and
Alyssa Parenteau
(Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst @ Field Effect),
as they guide you through these critical insights.

Don't miss out – secure your financial future by fortifying your cybersecurity defenses today.

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