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Ed Griffin

Security & GRC Executive at ITS

Edward Griffin is the Security & GRC Executive at ITS. He was a partner in Intivix and served as part of their leadership team before they joined the company as ITS San Francisco. Ed is most well-known for his work in cybersecurity and compliance. He has been driving ITS' internal compliance efforts and raising cybersecurity awareness and knowledge for our teams. However, he also works with clients, assisting them as either a Client Account Manager or Virtual Chief Information Officer. 

Ed finds the most fulfillment helping clients realize their ideas and their vision. He finds sincere joy in being able to advise and consult people to help them achieve their goals. It's one of the reasons why everyone he has worked with finds it so easy to trust in his guidance. 

When Ed is not busy helping our clients and our team at ITS, he enjoys slowing down and appreciating what life has to offer. He likes to spend time with his wife and son, focusing on his health, and enjoying nature. Ed is also passionate when it comes to skiing and riding his motorcycle up Northern California. 

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