Although Carol desperately needed to update her business computer network, she hated the idea of shelling out thousands of dollars. She'd heard that moving to the cloud could result on:

  • Zero computer crashes
  • Improved speed and cyber security
  • Easy access from her office or home
  • Reduced IT expenses

When she heard that Intelligent Technical Solutions helps business owners migrate to the cloud, she called for a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment.

A specialist came to Carol's office and reviewed her business computer network needs.

Carol's advice to you, call ITS for your FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment and gain insight on how to avoid overpaying for your next system upgrade.

Carol was suprised to learn she could reduce the cost, complexity and problems of managing her in-house server.

Through her Cloud Readiness Assessment she learned about:

  • The pros and cons of moving to the cloud
  • The migration GOTCHAS and how to avoid them
  • The various types of cloud computing options
  • And the costs-comparison of updating her computer network vs. moving to the cloud
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