Chicago IT Services

Business owners in Chicago we speak to are not passionate about IT Services, they care about their business. Just a few months back things were normal, and then everything changed, and everyone was forced to work from home. Soon enough, things will be normal, but these times will still be relevant. Even if there is not a virus, companies need reliable IT Services. The need can happen because the network was hit with ransomware or because there are new staff or because people are out of the office for extended time periods.

We are here to help companies thrive with the best use of their technology. We believe technology exists to make our life easier, not for us to serve. We utilize technology, programs like Teams, Zoom, Office365, VoIP systems and we unify it all under one umbrella so when you need your stuff to work, it does.

If you have been needing IT Services in Chicago, we have a team that can help you out today! Let us know so we can talk about your goals and what technologies can help you obtain your goals.

Cloud Security

With more and more platforms being hosted in the Cloud, the need for security becomes even greater. We help Chicago companies with Cloud Security by simply helping them find vulnerabilities and helping them close those holes. We believe it is our job to help you make your network more secure, without you being a network expert. We look at all of your Cloud subscriptions to ensure they are solid sites and companies, as well as training your team how to be cautious when logging into critical systems.

Cloud Services

The Cloud can be confusing. Should you use Skype or Zoom or Teams or Slack or Monday? There are programs that all do different things and have different security as well as an ability to connect with other applications to give intelligent business data. This is what we strive to bring to your organization. We can connect the Cloud platforms together to make dashboards so you can track critical KPI’s for your business going forward.

VoIP Phones

We do not strive to be the cheapest phone system in Chicago. Normally that has an associated cost in terms of quality. We strongly believe in having a VoIP system that has amazing call quality, rich features and a fair price. We have ways to help your company whether you have 1 location or 100 locations. With a VoIP phone system, it all becomes scaleable and you can often reduce costs dramatically by having a smarter system rather than a cheaper VoIP solution. Call us to learn more about VoIP phones in Chicago!

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