By: Marketing Team on January 10th, 2019

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Helping Your Business Continuity Planning in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles


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Keeping system downtime to a minimum and protecting critical data is important for your business.

It is important to plan for problems that may arise with your technology. If you have a lot of downtime on your computer system and cannot remain open, then you can’t keep your business profitable. Also, important data and records can be lost when something happens to your network, sometimes leading to permanent business closure if enough data is lost. (A recent study showed that 43 percent of companies who lost data never reopened again.)

Backing Up and Restoring Data
Intelligent Technical Solutions’ business continuity solution, called BackUpMyNet, it’s able to quickly restore network functionality so you have no loss of critical data or records when a disaster arises in your IT system. Included in your monthly fee, you will be prepared to bounce back from any disaster, hacker attacks, or any other threat to your IT network.

You can Count on BackUpMyNet to:

  • Preserve server and network data and provide quick access to information following any disaster
  • Network applications will be back up and running in minutes. Not hours or days.
  • Keep up with government regulations for the financial and healthcare industries (encryption/security)

Data Protection Service
Our business continuity is insurance for your company that you can’t live without. If you run into a problem or any natural disaster we’re here to help you back up all your files and keep everything running smoothly. Intelligent Technical Solutions makes sure that you stay prepared and your data remains safe!