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JP Chua

By: JP Chua on March 9th, 2023

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How to Choose Between the ITS Packages [Video]

IT Support | Managed IT Services

choosing ITS package

Are you interested in partnering with ITS, but you’re unsure which package works best for you? In this video, we’ll go over how to choose between the ITS service packages. 

0:15 What are the Services Packages that ITS Offers? 

  1. Core 
  2. Secure 
  3. Premium 

1:55 How to Choose Your ITS Package? 

Choosing the right ITS package depends on your IT needs. Does your organization require a more stringent cyber defense to help with compliance, or can it run smoothly with fundamental security solutions alone? Assessing what type of coverage you need can help narrow down your choices.  

If you’re still unsure which solution best works for you, be sure to check out our Pricing Tools. They will help guide you to what service best suits your needs as well as provide an estimate as to how much it’ll cost. 

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