8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Service Provider

How secure is your data in the cloud? Every cloud service provider handles security differently, so don't make assumptions about how your data is stored. Before you hire a cloud service provider or renew your contract with your existing provider, ask these important questions.

Tax Professionals: 12 Ways to Protect Your Computer Network with a Managed IT Support Services Provider

In 2013, when a CPA firm’s clients started receiving audit letters from the IRS, the firm discovered that their computer system had been breached by hackers. Cyber thieves had used remote access software to break into the firm's computer network, crack the password protection, and file more than 400 fraudulent tax returns using stolen client data.

Can Las Vegas Businesses Save Money by Switching to an IT Managed Services Provider?

Shifting your IT functions to a managed IT service provider frees up your internal IT staff to focus on revenue-generating goals. But, does it ultimately save your company money in the long run?

In more than nine out of 10 cases, the answer is yes. After surveying 350 U.S.-based companies, CompTIA found that 93% said their managed IT services met or exceeded their expectations for cost savings.

Las Vegas Businesses: How Safe Is Your Computer Network from Your Own Employees?

Four out of five cybersecurity incidents occur because of human error, according to a new report by computer security firm Kaspersky. That means that the people you work with may represent one of your biggest IT security threats.

Nearly 3 out of 4 companies have suffered internal information security incidents, and the stakes are high.

3 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Managed IT Service Provider

Choosing the right managed IT service is crucial to keeping your Las Vegas business running smoothly. Before you sign on with any IT service provider, ask these three important questions.

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1. How quickly will you respond to my IT problems?
To succeed, your business needs to stay up and running 24/7. You can't afford lengthy downtimes or delays.

How Can Las Vegas Healthcare Providers Prevent Data Breaches?

In April, a cyber attack on a Nevada healthcare provider gave computer hackers access to the confidential data of more than 11,000 individuals1. This was not an isolated incident. Healthcare providers, health plans and business associates report a new data breach somewhere in the nation every 36 hours.

Wealth Management Companies Prefer Managed IT Services Over Internal IT. Here’s Why.

When a data breach recently compromised Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, it wasn't the first time hackers had broken in. The high-profile hotel chain last year suffered a breach that exposed personal information including more than 70,000 credit card numbers.

Believe It or Not, Las Vegas IT Support Companies Can Still Rely on Kaspersky Antivirus

Cyber attacks are a constant threat to hotel and casino establishments, and protecting against that threat is a top priority for every Las Vegas IT company. Amid the furor over increasing ransomware attacks, U.S. government officials have cast a cloud of uncertainty over Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab, citing concerns that the software could become a tool of the Kremlin.

3 Reasons Why a Growing Business Needs a Managed IT Service Provider

As your Las Vegas business grows, your IT needs will rapidly multiply. Even if you have an internal IT staff, they could quickly fall behind without an experienced information technology services partner. Here are the top three reasons to consider hiring an IT managed service provider.

4 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional IT Support Company

According to recent Deloitte outsourcing survey, 72% of respondents are currently outsourcing their IT functions1. Among those who aren't currently outsourcing, 31% plan to do so in the near future. Why are so many Las Vegas businesses hiring IT and computer support services? There are four good reasons.