BYOD Best Practices, Part 2: 7 Questions to Ask to Ensure Mobile Compliance

More than one third of companies fail to adequately secure mobile devices against cyber attacks, according to a new survey by Dimensional Research. Worse, nearly one in four companies (24%) don't even know whether they've experienced an attack through mobile devices.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 1: 3 Steps to a BYOD Policy That Avoids Compliance Violations

When employees bring their own personal devices into the workplace, it often drives greater productivity. But it also opens up new cyber security risks for data breaches, including the loss of confidential information and intellectual property.

The financial penalties for compliance violations can be compounded by the lasting damage a data breach can do to your company's reputation, customer loyalty, and bottom line.

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

By finding the best managed IT services in Las Vegas, your company can stay up-to-date in technology at a lower cost point than using in-house IT. That makes your company more agile, more efficient, and more secure. When considering all of your options for Las Vegas managed IT services, ask yourself these crucial questions.

What Is the True Cost of a Data Breach?

A single data breach costs the average company $7.35 million, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. That figure has jumped by 36% over the last four years, and has reached an all-time high as more data breaches make the headlines.

The estimated $7.35 million cost includes expenditures on in-house investigations and engaging forensic experts, as well as customer loss, either from turnover or lower customer acquisition rates.

8 Tips for Establishing a Company Text Message Policy

At least 80 percent of Americans use texting for business, according to a survey by Instantly. Texting may be simple, fast, and convenient. But in the event of litigation, employee texts can create a tangle of legal headaches for your Las Vegas business.

14-Point Ransomware Prevention Checklist

Every 40 seconds, a company is attacked by ransomware, according to a recent Kaspersky security bulletin. How do you stop a ransomware infection before it happens? Here are the 14 steps you need to take to stay safe, according to a leading managed IT service provider.

How to Choose the Best Server for Your Business

What’s the smartest way to choose a server for your Las Vegas business? As cloud computing transforms the functions of data centers and computer networking companies, it’s more important than ever to find a server solution based on your particular needs.

Understanding Cyber Attacks, Part 4: What to Do If Ransomware Attacks

A ransomware attack can unfold with blinding speed. When a user opens an infected email attachment or visits a compromised website, ransomware can begin locking up the files of your Las Vegas business within seconds.

Unless you pay the ransom, those files may be gone forever.

Understanding Cyber Attacks, Part 3: Which Antivirus Is Best?

Effective antivirus is a crucial component of any cybersecurity plan. But how does antivirus work? These applications can be divided into two broad categories: definition-based antivirus, and behavior-based antivirus.

What Is Definition-Based Antivirus?
Definition-based antivirus software identifies malware based on known signatures, or definitions.

Why You Should Never Use Texts for Two-Factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication to log in to your system is stronger than using a password alone. It’s a proven way to make the computer network of businesses across Las Vegas more secure. But if that second factor is sent via text message, it could lead to a costly data breach.