Software Licenses for the Computer Network of your Business

The best software license for the computer network of your business will depend on many variables, and before you make a decision, I suggest you have a conversation with your accountant. Usually, the most important variable is money, and with the advent of subscription-based access to software, we really can benefit from whichever side of the spectrum we choose.

Why You Should Have Email Spam Filter for the Computer Network of your Business

Although the message, source, and intent will vary, spam boils down to unsolicited email, and for the sake of the computer network of your business, you should have an email filter in place. It can be difficult to calculate the cost of receiving spam, but with increasing cyber security threats and government regulation over the identifiable data of people, the potential for a financial hit is real.

How a Managed IT Service Provider’s Poor Communication May Inflict Costs to Your Business

After having wasted a couple of hours trying to locate some files, Camile decided to call her company's Manged IT Service Provider. After the technician helped her find these, she finally figured out why she tried to avoid reaching out to them. She realized, the condescending behavior from the IT support techs made her feel irritated.

An Antivirus Won’t Do, You Also Need a Firewall for the Computer Network of Your Business

You need an antivirus, and also a firewall for the computer network of your business.

I used to think I only needed a reputable antivirus to keep my computers safe, but after being the victim of a backdoor exploit, I learned I needed a firewall to monitor all the traffic on my computer network.

In Tandem with Technology Trends, “Cloud Computing defeated Classic Empire in the Preakness”

When I heard that Cloud Computing defeated Classic Empire in the Preakness, I immediately thought only Homer, Shakespeare, or T. S. Eliot would have been able to come up with such a perfect metaphor. But lacking such poets and acute observers, the revelation manifested at a Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore.

IT Support Trends Across Las Vegas – Week 20, 2017

We are an IT Support Company in Las Vegas, and in the last couple of days, we got bombarded with questions about the WannaCry Ransomware attacks. Clearly, our clients are concerned about the security of their data, but once we give them an overview of the cybersecurity standards we have in place, they reply "I just want to make sure all is fine.

IT Support Trends Across Las Vegas – Week 19, 2017

I like to skim through the request for IT Support we get every week; I think this will give me a good sense of trending problems, cyber security threats, and about the demand for a particular technology. But might as I try, sometimes I just don't have time.

As Managed IT Providers We Strive to Keep Your Technology Healthy

As a business, the health of your technology is critical, and unless you are an IT Company, working with a Managed IT Provider is your best bet.
Technology is not an inherent sentient being, and therefore, is unable to complain when something is wrong.

A DIY Approach to Managing the Technology of your Business Can Cost You Millions

Earlier this week, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, HHS, settled the first HIPAA violation involving a wireless health services provider, CardioNet. The remote heart monitoring company failed to secure a portable device that was stolen from an employee's home1. The settlement called for $2.5 million in fines and a series of corrective implementations.

Your Managed IT Services Provider Can Contribute to The Proactive Culture of your Business

Businesses that maintain a competitive advantage within their industries know that a proactive culture is critical to their success. These organizations surround themselves with service providers that empower them to leverage the incidences of problems and to plan ahead; and Managed IT Services Providers are uniquely positioned to set the pace.