How Safe Is Your Las Vegas Business from the Internet of Things? (Plus: Top 10 IoT Security Tips)

Internet-connected devices, collectively known as the Internet of Things, can make the world smarter. But they can also open the door to computer hackers and cyber threats. Once a hacker gains access to a single connected device on your network, they could possibly access your entire system.

The 20 Most Overused Passwords in the World (Are You Using These?)

If you ever have to guess someone’s password, try “123456.” That's the most popular password in the world, according to a new study of 10 million breached passwords from Keeper Security. That particular six-digit combination protects one out of every six accounts.

14 Must-Know Cybersecurity Tips for Las Vegas Companies

Last month, a Russian cyber hacker pleaded guilty to participating in a $50 million identity theft and credit card fraud ring operating in Las Vegas. Cases like this are a chilling reminder that protecting your company from cyber thieves is a never-ending task.

4 IT Transformation Questions You Should Be Asking

Too often, in the race to get a technology transformation initiative underway, Las Vegas companies tend to overlook the fundamentals. Here are the four IT transformation questions every company should be asking.

1. What's driving IT transformation in your business?
At the Insight Conference in Las Vegas this month, the CEO of NetApp said that the way data is being consumed is changing.

This New Cyber Threat is Even Worse Than Ransomware

More than 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred per day in 2016, according to an FBI report. That’s a new threat every 22 seconds. But now, rather than lock up a victim's computer system and hold it for ransom, cyber criminals have found an even more insidious way to make money off of unsuspecting Las Vegas companies.

8 Crucial Steps to Prevent Network Downtime

No matter how well-maintained your system may be, a failure will occur somewhere in the system sooner or later. A minor problem may simply reduce functionality, but in a worst-case scenario, your entire network could go down. To avoid major disruption of mission-critical services, work with a managed IT service provider to take these eight critical steps.

How Safe Is Your Company from Shadow IT?

Sometimes, in an effort to get the job done, good employees make bad choices. As a result, they put the security of your entire Las Vegas company at risk.

If your existing legacy IT systems are too slow or inconvenient, many people will reach for the simplest, easiest solution available.

4 Ways to Protect Your Company from Becoming the Next Equifax

The recent data breach at Equifax put 143 million customer records in the hands of hackers and led to a firestorm of criticism from the public. But it also exposed a chilling fact: any company could become the next Equifax. Hundreds of Las Vegas companies, and thousands of companies worldwide, use the same vulnerable open-source software.

The Hidden Cybersecurity Flaw that Could Cost Millions to Companies in Las Vegas

Is a single locked door, easily opened by criminals, the only thing standing between your network and the bad guys? IT companies in Las Vegas often focus exclusively on the digital aspects of security, especially ransomware and online threats. But some of your network’s biggest vulnerabilities lie in the gap between cybersecurity and physical security.

3 Ingenious Ways IT Support Conquered Hurricane Harvey

While Harvey forced many companies to shut down completely during the disaster, others were able to keep their operations going thanks to smart IT preparation. While tech support departments and IT support companies in Las Vegas don't have hurricanes to worry about, other disasters could strike a company at any time.