Is That Tech Support Call Actually a Scam?

Most tech support scams start with a fake pop-up ad on your computer, or a phone call from a “technician” telling you there’s a problem. If you aren't careful, you could end up getting ripped off—and find your computer infected with malware. To stay safe, Las Vegas managed IT service providers recommend knowing the warning signs.

7 Bad Habits That Cause Data Breaches

With high-profile data breaches making headlines, businesses are increasingly concerned about keeping their sensitive information safe. But the biggest risk factors of a data breach may be coming from inside your own company. Las Vegas managed IT service providers recommend breaking these bad habits in order to keep sensitive information safe.

Protect Your Network Against Malware in One Easy Step

The FBI recently advised everyone with a router to turn it off, and then turn it back on again. That one simple precaution, which should take only a minute, can save your computer network from the latest malware, known as VPN Filter.

Restarting the computer won't help, Las Vegas managed IT services experts warn.

The Data Breach Threat Hidden in Your Paper Files

When an Indiana nonprofit health organization left cardboard boxes of patient information unattended on a driveway, it led to an $800,000 HIPAA penalty, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That mishandling of paperwork illustrates the often-overlooked physical side of data security.

10 Tips to Protect Sensitive Data

Last year, 54% of U.S. companies fell victim to one or more cyber attacks that compromised their sensitive data, according to the Ponemon Institute. To protect your customer and employee information, and prevent costly data breaches, follow these top 10 tips from Las Vegas managed IT services providers.

4 Confidential Information Mistakes to Avoid

Nearly two out of three adults in the United States have fallen victim to some form of data theft, according to Statista, and most of those victims had their confidential information compromised. To keep customers safe, Las Vegas managed IT services providers recommend steering clear of these four dangerous mistakes.

How to Inventory Your Confidential Information

Do you know exactly what kind of confidential information is in your files and on your computers? It could be stashed away on forgotten devices, flash drives, or even paper files. Las Vegas managed IT service providers know that any source of unsecured data could lead to a breach.

6 Smart Ways to Protect Your Devices from Hackers

The cost of cyber crime will top $6 trillion annually in the next three years, according to the CSO State of Cybercrime report. To stop cyber criminals from taking a bite out of your bottom line, Las Vegas managed IT services providers recommend protecting your devices.

7 Cyber Security Tips for Stronger Passwords

Almost half of all users (42%) reuse the same password for online logins, according to Statista. If that password is cracked by malicious actors, it could lead to a data breach. Las Vegas managed IT service providers recommend several important ways to keep your business safer.