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From small startup to industry leader, ITS has grown to over 300 employees while maintaining personalized service. We combine the agility of a small company with the resources of a large enterprise to deliver excellence in IT solutions.

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How We Started

ITS began as a modest IT startup with big dreams and a commitment to excellence.


How We Grew

With excellent customer service and a focus on client experience, we were able to grow our service base.


Who We Are

Today, ITS stands as a pillar in the IT space with over 300 employees, offering comprehensive Managed IT and robust cybersecurity solutions.

The ITS Advantage: Small Company Feel, Big Company Benefits

The ITS Proven Process: Efficiency, Security, and Client Satisfaction

Core Departments: The Foundation of Our MSP

How Your Business Stays Productive with ITS

Overcoming Challenges: The Flawed Original Design 2003-2017

ITS has matured into a fully functional and proactive IT company. When we first started, we had challenges we had to learn how to overcome. As we got more clients, our teams got more busy, and this decreased client satisfaction. We had to learn how to get out of this cycle.


Increased Tickets from Clients

An influx of support tickets created "noise" that disrupted workflow across departments.


Resource Strain on Our Technicians

Staff from other departments were pulled to handle the increased workload, causing delays.


Client Frustration with Our Process

Delayed projects and tasks led to client dissatisfaction and internal challenges.


The Game-Changer: Alignment Engineering Department 2017-Today

  • 2017: Department Introduced

  • 70 Processes Implemented

  • 30-50% Noise Reduction

  • Increased Productivity

2017: Department Introduced

The Alignment Engineering department was established to implement best practices across all clients.


70 Processes Implemented

Within 18 months, 70 processes based on NIST and Microsoft best practices were rolled out.


30-50% Noise Reduction

The new processes led to a significant reduction in disruptive "noise" across the client base.


Increased Productivity

With reduced noise, both ITS and clients experienced improved productivity and focus.


Partnering for Success: Consulting and vCIO Services

Strategic Business Reviews (SBRs)

Ongoing Agenda

Forecasting and Planning

Continuous Improvement: Our Commitment to Excellence

Year Number of Processes Noise Reduction
2017 70 30-50%
2024 400 +50%

Our dedication to improvement is evident in the growth of our processes and procedures. From the initial 70 in 2017 to nearly 400 today, we continuously refine our approach to reduce noise and enhance client satisfaction.

The Benefits of the ITS Proven Process

Streamlined Workflows

Our Alignment Engineering department and implemented processes have significantly reduced disruptive "noise," allowing each team to focus on their core responsibilities.

Increased Productivity

With streamlined workflows, both ITS and our clients experience enhanced productivity, enabling a focus on strategic initiatives and growth.

Strong Client Partnerships

Regular Strategic Business Reviews foster transparent, collaborative relationships, ensuring alignment between IT services and business objectives.

Ongoing Enhancement

Our commitment to expanding and refining our processes, now over 400, demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.


Proactive IT Partnership: The ITS Approach

Ready to Transform Your IT Experience?

At Intelligent Technical Solutions, we're committed to being more than just an IT vendor. We're your strategic partner in leveraging technology to drive your business forward. Experience the difference of our proactive approach, personalized service, and enterprise-level resources.

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