Want to Replace Your Business Phone System But Worry that Switching to a VoIP System May Result in Poor Call Quality and Dropped Calls?

Take our Free Assessment to Reveal whether you can take advantage of this new technology without sacrificing call quality and stability.

If you are a business in Las Vegas Metro Area, we’d like to do a Free Network Assessment to determine if you can save money and enjoy the many features offered by this system without sacrificing call quality and dependability.

From our Assessment, you will learn:

  • If your network is suitable for a VoIP phone system. Every office and network is different, and we evaluate your entire network. We check your bandwidth and Internet connection, firewall, system use, volume of calls, and the features you need. We want to ensure you don’t experience static, dropped calls, echoes or other potential VoIP problems.
  • The EXACT amount of savings you can save if you switch to VoIP. In many cases we have saved our clients between 30% and 50% on their phone bill; however, depending on your internet service and your existing technology, there can be other costs. We want you to know about these potential expenses BEFORE you switch your phone system. Some VoIP vendors focus on potential savings and fail to educate consumers about the possibility of additional expenses. We’ll show you a complete and true picture of ALL costs, not just your phone bill savings.
  • The BEST phone system for you -- and the features you need – based on how you do business. Although most VoIP providers offer fee based features, our phone system comes with enterprise level features, all for the same price. If our system is the right alternative for you, you won’t have to pay a separate fee for call recording, conference calling, voicemails, etc. Rest assured we’ll go through every feature you need – and we’ll show you new ones. By the end of our assessment, you will be better equipped to distinguish diamonds from coals.
  • How you can increase sales, lead conversion and customer happiness. Part of our communication analysis will reveal ways for you to instantly and easily recapture lost revenue and sales opportunities through better phone-handling practices. We’ll look at how your company is currently handling phone calls from prospects and clients alike and show you easy ways to make more money without spending another dime on marketing or advertising.

Request your Free VoIP Assessment without cost or obligation, and gain greater clarity on your options and whether a VoIP system is right for you.
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Restrictions and limitations: Free assessment limited to businesses with 5+ phone extensions. One assessment per business. 365 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Restrictions and limitations: Free assessment limited to businesses with 5+ phone extensions. One assessment per business. 365 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

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