How to Train Your Employees to Protect Sensitive Data

Nearly one in three data breaches is caused by employee negligence, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. That's actually good news, say Las Vegas managed IT service providers. Unlike a malicious cyber attack, employee negligence is a problem that can be stopped internally, through employee training.

7 Bad Habits That Cause Data Breaches

With high-profile data breaches making headlines, businesses are increasingly concerned about keeping their sensitive information safe. But the biggest risk factors of a data breach may be coming from inside your own company. Las Vegas managed IT service providers recommend breaking these bad habits in order to keep sensitive information safe.

The Data Breach Threat Hidden in Your Paper Files

When an Indiana nonprofit health organization left cardboard boxes of patient information unattended on a driveway, it led to an $800,000 HIPAA penalty, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That mishandling of paperwork illustrates the often-overlooked physical side of data security.

How to Inventory Your Confidential Information

Do you know exactly what kind of confidential information is in your files and on your computers? It could be stashed away on forgotten devices, flash drives, or even paper files. Las Vegas managed IT service providers know that any source of unsecured data could lead to a breach.

Is Confidential Data Safe on Company Laptops?

Lost or stolen company laptops are the third most common cause of confidential data loss, according to a NetDiligence study, behind only hackers and malware. Altogether, these three most common causes account for 58% of all exposed data. To stay safe, Las Vegas managed IT service providers recommend taking security precautions with your company laptops.

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