3 New Rules for Remote Access Security

Your computer network is only as safe as the least-protected device connected to it. An employee’s phone, a client’s laptop, or a service provider's computer may have security flaws that could leave your computer network vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Going BYOD? Avoid This Mistake

Only 26% of companies attempting to execute a Bring Your Own Device strategy actually succeed, according to a VMware survey. One of the biggest mistakes many companies make is rolling out a company-wide BYOD policy too soon, without testing it first. Instead, cyber security companies in Las Vegas recommend following a multilayered strategy for success.

Should You Compensate Employees for BYOD?

At least 87% of companies expect employees to use their own personal devices in the workplace, according to a Syntonic study. But that brings up a crucial question: is your company legally required to compensate employees if they bring their own device into work?

Several states, including California and Massachusetts, have labor laws requiring employers to reimburse employees for the business use of personal devices.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 6: 6 Biggest Risks for BYOD Data Leaks

At least 21% of organizations have suffered a data breach because of a BYOD device, according to a Skycure report. For all of the convenience of BYOD, it can quickly lead to a data breach if the right security precautions aren’t taken.

The risk is greatest when sensitive company data ends up on another unsecured consumer device owned by the employee.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 5: 5 People You Must Have on a BYOD Team

What’s the key difference between a smoothly efficient BYOD initiative and one that flops? Having the right people. In order to navigate the dangers of BYOD effectively, your Las Vegas company needs a team of outstanding people covering five distinct positions.

BYOD Best Practices, Part 4: 10 BYOD Questions to Drive Employee Buy-In

Designing an effective BYOD program for your Las Vegas company is a balancing act between employee satisfaction and effective security.

The more choices you provide employees in terms of devices and available apps, the greater the potential security risks.

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