Hide in Plain Sight. Keeping your Information Private Online

One of the most important parts of operating safely online is to keep your data private. Whether personal or business data is your concern, it is all under threat from attackers unless you take the proper steps.

There is no need to be afraid online as long as you are doing your part to stay safe.

Staying Safe Online: Building a Safe Online Culture for your Business

Everybody wants security. Whether for business, health, or finances security should be an essential part of your life. But when it comes to business what is the best way to ensure security, especially when it comes to your data?
What are your Business Security Threats
One of the top priorities for any business is to secure themselves from a cyber attack.

Social Phishing! How Attackers use your Social Media Against You!

\We talk a lot on this blog about cyber security and how to keep your business safe. Our focus is typically on exposing new threats, and helping you find safer ways to help your office operate correctly.

However, no amount of security measures can protect you if people within your organization are not operating safely with social media.

How Did I get Hacked? Tips for Staying Safe Online!

Millions of people have their account compromised every year. Attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable data and are constantly changing their tactics. This can make it harder and harder to keep your valuable data safe. But one of the best ways to stay safe is learning how you got hacked in the first place so you know how to avoid it in the future.

Hackers Are Going Phishing During This Pandemic: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

In this article we will learn:

What Phishing is
Top 10 Social Media Email Subjects
Top 10 General Email Subjects
How to stop phishing attacks

Would you hand over the keys to your car to a stranger?

Sounds kind of silly right?

What about the keys to your house?

“Can this get any sillier,” you might ask?

Unfortunately, handing over passwords and personal details of our digital accounts is tantamount to handing over the keys to both our cars and houses to hackers.

Cyber Safety Tips for Everyone

Working online can be convenient and helpful for so many businesses. In fact, because of the impact of Covid-19 many organizations are moving entirely online. But just because something is easier does not mean that it is safer.

Following a few simple steps can make everyone more secure online, and security is like a net.

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