5 Simple Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Speeds

Of the many breakthrough technologies we’ve come to use a lot, Wi-Fi is one of the finickiest. Connections can become awfully slow or unreliable, which is frustrating and disruptive for employees and visitors alike. To make sure your office Wi-Fi performance stays in tip-top shape, try these steps.

Quickly Add Computer Clients to your Business Network

Businesses in Las Vegas are better off calling a networking company for their computer network. But if you want to DIY, and if you already have a server running Windows, you can quickly add workstations to your business computer network.

Here you can read an overview of how to install your server’s OS https://www.

IT Network Support: Installing the Operating System for your Network’s Server

So you’ve planned your network, and you decided to have a dedicated server. Although you’ve been warned a mistake on your configuration may require IT Network Support down the road, you decided to setup the server on your own. So here we help you a bit, giving you an overview of what you can expect as you install a Windows based operating system server.

The Purpose of a Computer Network

Today, Las Vegas businesses face challenges from increasingly complex software applications, a largely mobile workforce, and the proliferation of BYOD. Is the time right for your organization to implement a business computer network? Here are the questions you need to ask first.

Computer Networking 101

A computer network is more than one connected computers. In its broadest sense, the main objective of a network is to exchange information. The functionality of the devices connected to the network may allow users to share resources (i.e. programs, memory, computing capacity, etc).

The most basic building blocks of a network are two computers connected to each other.

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