How a Managed IT Service Provider’s Poor Communication May Inflict Costs to Your Business

After having wasted a couple of hours trying to locate some files, Camile decided to call her company's Manged IT Service Provider. After the technician helped her find these, she finally figured out why she tried to avoid reaching out to them. She realized, the condescending behavior from the IT support techs made her feel irritated.

The Benefits of Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider

You may be wondering what do you get exactly when hire a Managed IT Service Provider to help you with your technology. And although I could write a list of the actual services, tasks, reports and whatever else you get, I rather focus on the benefits. I think you can better relate to the results than to a list of technical jargon that you will get when you get your FREE Network Assessment.

Managed IT Service Providers As Enablers of Business Competitive Advantage

With the sweeping integration of technology in everything business, the correct management of a company’s technology is a requirement for the success and sustenance of the enterprise. Managed IT Service Providers are uniquely positioned to help businesses leverage their technology, and to enable these to gain a competitive advantage.

Hiring a Managed IT Services Company from a Financial Perspective

I often come across businesses that cannot fathom to pay $1,200 a month to have a Managed IT Services Company maintain their technology. These same businesses are unfazed by the monthly $800 bill for the cleaning of their offices. This scenario amuses me.

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