Software Licenses for the Computer Network of your Business

The best software license for the computer network of your business will depend on many variables, and before you make a decision, I suggest you have a conversation with your accountant. Usually, the most important variable is money, and with the advent of subscription-based access to software, we really can benefit from whichever side of the spectrum we choose.

Why You Should Have Email Spam Filter for the Computer Network of your Business

Although the message, source, and intent will vary, spam boils down to unsolicited email, and for the sake of the computer network of your business, you should have an email filter in place. It can be difficult to calculate the cost of receiving spam, but with increasing cyber security threats and government regulation over the identifiable data of people, the potential for a financial hit is real.

How To Monetize the Computer Network of Your Business

Wireless computer networks have become ubiquitous, and businesses that have a large traffic of people can monetize their wifi. The biggest requirement to have this capability is a sufficiently broad bandwidth and an adequate wireless infrastructure. Building a wireless infrastructure is relatively easy to do, and here, I give you an overview of how to lay the infrastructure through a do it yourself wireless roaming network and through a Ruckus turn key solution.

3 Things to Know Before Upgrading Your Computer Network

Are you scrambling to make last year purchases to lighten the year's tax burden? If your business files according to cash accounting method, paying for a year of computing network may be the way to go. Here are two alternatives.

Cloud technology offers real benefits to businesses.

IT Network Support: Installing the Operating System for your Network’s Server

So you’ve planned your network, and you decided to have a dedicated server. Although you’ve been warned a mistake on your configuration may require IT Network Support down the road, you decided to setup the server on your own. So here we help you a bit, giving you an overview of what you can expect as you install a Windows based operating system server.

Data Security for Las Vegas

Everyone has heard of terms like "Data Security" or "Barracuda Filters" or "Firewalls"...  We want to take a step back from the technical componets, and deal with the principle in general.  How much is your data worth?  If your company lost its customer database or one of its servers, would it last?  Studies have shown that93% of businesses who don't have a disaster recovery plan in place and lose their data don't stay in business for one year.

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