Computer Consultant to Help with Home Networks

Using a Computer Consultant to Create Strategies for Household Data Backup
Personal computing has become a standard activity in most households. Along with this, however, computer crashes have become a common problem. As families rely on computers to store photos, tax returns and pay stubs, the vulnerability to a loss of data has increased.

File Management for Your Business

File Management and Organizational Strategies for Your Company
Some people are able to effectively manage information files whether they are physical materials or virtual documents. Others are challenged by the need to be organized, struggling to find important documents and information when it’s needed.

Some Computer Repair Pointers From ITS

IT Solutions: Installation, Maintenance and More
If your Las Vegas small business is suffering from technical problems, you are needlessly losing money. Intelligent Technical Solutions is a popular service provider because we understand how to solve multiple IT problems within a reasonable budget.

Computer Technician Tips on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word: Computer Repairs Las Vegas
Computer repairs in Las Vegas may provide you with a responsive computer system that can access many of the advanced features in Microsoft Word. Follow these instructions to learn how to make the page numbers begin on the cover page:

1. Insert Cover Page: Click the insert tab.

Microsoft Excel Tips

Excel Tips for Las Vegas

Microsoft Excel 2010 enables users to customize their ribbon. This is handy for arranging icons in a manner that maximizes your workflow. It also makes life a little easier.

To begin, simply scroll over any area in the ribbon.

Goal Thermometer in Excel

Microsoft Excel: Creating a Fundraising Goal Thermometer or Sales Quota Thermometer
This post is designed for people with marginally good Excel skills, if you need further help, you can always give us a call for any computer questions in Las Vegas!
Creating a thermometer in Excel is fun and easy.

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