How IT Transformation Makes Your Las Vegas Business More Agile

In Las Vegas last year, Dell EMC’s chief marketing officer Jeremy Burton said that IT “is about to undergo its biggest transformation over the next few years."

Successful IT transformation involves modernizing, automating, and transforming your infrastructure to simplify your approach to IT. That makes your business more agile and helps you meet customer demands faster than your competition.

8 Tips for Establishing a Company Text Message Policy

At least 80 percent of Americans use texting for business, according to a survey by Instantly. Texting may be simple, fast, and convenient. But in the event of litigation, employee texts can create a tangle of legal headaches for your Las Vegas business.

4 Lessons CIOs Need to Learn about Digital Transformation

The responsibility for driving digital transformation is increasingly falling on the shoulders of Chief Information Officers. Today, CIOs spend 41% of their time on IT leadership, according to Gartner’s annual survey1. At the recent Gartner Symposium event in Barcelona, CIOs shared their four biggest lessons in successfully driving digital transformation.

8 Ways Executives Can Avoid Phishing Attacks

Today, more CEOs than ever before are putting cyberthreat worries at the top of their priority list. Not just because of the constant threat to their business, but because more publicly available personal information about executives makes them prime targets for phishing attacks.

What You Need to Know about Windows 10 Security Fixes

Is Windows 10 finally delivering the security features your Las Vegas company needs to protect against today's ransomware, hackers, and other threats?

Microsoft has just added several important new features to Windows 10 as part of a crucial security overhaul affecting more than 500 million devices worldwide.

How to Protect Your Wi-Fi Network from the New KRACK Attack That Can Steal Anything

Security researchers recently uncovered a dangerous security flaw that affects almost every Wi-Fi device in the world. This newfound vulnerability gives hackers a way to steal any sensitive data passing through the Wi-Fi network of your Las Vegas business: passwords, credit card numbers, personal information, emails, anything.

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