Important Business Processes ITS Can Help Your Company With: No Matter What Industry

In this article we will learn:

How ITS can help fast-growing companies in all sector:

Email archiving and management
Creating cybersecurity policies
Archiving of employee computer activity
Collaborating with third-party auditors

“What experience do you have in my industry?

This is an important question ITS receives from prospective clients looking for IT services in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago areas.

Email Archiving – Best Practices

Archiving Email - A Legal Necessity

If you have a workforce, then you understand the complexities of having integrated technical solutions.  If you have a sales rep that leaves the company, and the IT staff just kills the mailbox of the sales rep on the Microsoft Exchange server, then when a customer claims that they were given an E mail quote, and forwards the E mail to your company, there is no way to validate the customer did not "edit" the E mail prior to sending it back.

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