Disaster Recovery in Las Vegas

It is a normal Tuesday night, work is going well and your computers seem to be functioning well.  You haven't really even thought about them for a while, and then a power surge hits them or the computer dies.  There were all sorts of files that need to be recovered.

Time to Clean Out Old Windows Folders?

Cleaning out your Windows Files and Folders

Every year, it comes time to clean out your file cabinet – the virtual file cabinet on your computer that is. Over day-to-day use, files and folders end up randomly strewn throughout your computer’s hard drive, eating up space and potentially slowing down your system.

The Importance of Data Backup in Las Vegas

This week one of our staff members had their iPhone crash on them and when they tried to restore their phone from the Back Up, it didn't go smoothly because the file was corrupted and it turned out it was faster for them to re-enter their data than it was to try and fix the corrupted file.

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