Are Internet-Connected Devices Threatening Your Cyber Security?

Las Vegas managed IT service providers recently became aware of something fishy in a casino's cyber security.

According to BBC News, the casino had recently installed an impressive new aquarium in their lobby. Internet-connected sensors inside the tank automatically monitored the water quality and temperature, then relayed information to the casino's computer network.

Computers Driving You Crazy?

If you run a business here in Las Vegas and your computer room looks more like spaghetti with wires running everywhere and your computers are all slow and seem to get disconnected, surprisingly, you are not alone.  Often the business owner is good enough with computers where they can get a network running when they are in the initial stages and trying to save money.

Tips to Avoid Costly Computer Repairs in Las Vegas


Tips to Avoid Computer Repair: Las Vegas


The cost of computer repairs in Las Vegas can be prohibitively expensive. Learning how to avoid some common pitfalls is a good way to save money on these computer repairs. In Las Vegas, the savings can add up fast.

Mail Merge for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2010: Mail Merge for Business
Prepare a form letter that is to be sent to everyone on your list. It contains the salutation and date, but does not contain any information that is specific to any given recipient.

Go to the tab called mailings and select start mail merge, which will bring a list of options to the screen.

Remote Computer Support from Las Vegas

As technology further evolves, and systems further virtualize, it is important for support options to be numerous, cost-effective, and effectively tiered.

It is crucial to design systems in such a way that all systems can be supported 24/7 without potential disruption resulting in days or even weeks of downtime.

Making a Computer Network Remotely Accessible

There are two main factors to consider when accessing systems remotely: security and accessibility. These two are often at odds, making it imperative that your organization clarifies its priorities across the board.

A firm providing computer repair in Las Vegas should be able to chart out an effective remote access solution for your organization, ensuring that systems are accessible and secure wherever the end user is working from.

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