Cloud hosting for business continuity

Unforeseen disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, your business could come to a grinding halt. Having a business continuity plan could prevent this from happening by securing your valuable business data at another location. But all too often, data backup can be too complicated for the average IT personnel to manage. […]

Considering Cloud Services in Las Vegas? 3 Questions to Ask First

Cloud computing offers clear advantages to any Las Vegas business: higher efficiency, greater flexibility, increased scalability, and lower costs. But making the transition to the cloud isn't simple. Finding the right delivery model and services to fit your specific needs depends on your answers to three crucial questions.

8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Service Provider

How secure is your data in the cloud? Every cloud service provider handles security differently, so don't make assumptions about how your data is stored. Before you hire a cloud service provider or renew your contract with your existing provider, ask these important questions.

In Tandem with Technology Trends, “Cloud Computing defeated Classic Empire in the Preakness”

When I heard that Cloud Computing defeated Classic Empire in the Preakness, I immediately thought only Homer, Shakespeare, or T. S. Eliot would have been able to come up with such a perfect metaphor. But lacking such poets and acute observers, the revelation manifested at a Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore.

Hybrid clouds give flexibility to SMBs

Most people will tell you that clouds can be only be found in the sky. But in the IT world, clouds are more grounded: the latest of which are a combination of private clouds and public clouds, appropriately dubbed “hybrid clouds.” This innovation allows SMBs to have the best of both cloud worlds while minimizing […]

4 things you should know about the cloud

Cloud computing has proven to be a cost-effective necessity for small businesses. Owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as website hosting, email services implementation and online file storage have become easier thanks to the cloud. However, there are still many owners who remain misinformed about installing a cloud infrastructure at their company.