How Much Will It Cost to Have Managed IT Services for the Cloud?

Cloud platforms are the new black when it comes to doing business. However, because it is technology, it will require some type of management. The question is how much will it cost?


What’s Your Cloud Computing IQ?

At least 78% of small and midsize businesses will migrate to the cloud by the year 2020, according to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. It's easy to see why. Cloud computing improves data backup services and disaster recovery, provides 24-hour access to applications and data, reduces on-site infrastructure, and provides unlimited flexibility and scalability options.

Considering Cloud Services in Las Vegas? 3 Questions to Ask First

Cloud computing offers clear advantages to any Las Vegas business: higher efficiency, greater flexibility, increased scalability, and lower costs. But making the transition to the cloud isn't simple. Finding the right delivery model and services to fit your specific needs depends on your answers to three crucial questions.

8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Service Provider

How secure is your data in the cloud? Every cloud service provider handles security differently, so don't make assumptions about how your data is stored. Before you hire a cloud service provider or renew your contract with your existing provider, ask these important questions.

Is The Cloud Over-rated?

Do We Need to Switch to the Cloud?
The cloud is perhaps the biggest buzzword in computing today, but people often have trouble knowing what it means. The cloud is best viewed as a collection of new technologies that can be used to distribute information or programs across a local network or the Internet.

Cloud vs VPS

ITS of Las Vegas is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that provides businesses Cloud based technology, solutions, and support. If you are interested in moving some or all of your computing operations to the cloud it’s a good idea to understand some Cloud basics.

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