No Break, No Fix: Managed-IT Service Provider Business Model vs. Break/Fix

In this article we will learn: 

• The business model of break/fix providers: project-based

• The business model of managed-IT service: contract based

• Which model is best for your company


"Can’t I just pay you for this project?" 

 "What’s considered a project?" 

 These are the two most common questions we receive at ITS.

We completely understand why.

An Introduction to Managed-IT Services

An introduction to Managed-IT services:

·       Key terms and definition

·       Do I need IT-MSP’s?

·       Where to start


If you’re reading this, then you’re probably doing some good investigation on managed-IT services and how it can help your business.

Break-Fix versus Managed IT Services: Pros and Cons

When Prime Cap Financial's computer system was hacked a few years ago, the entire business was shut down for three days as their break-fix provider struggled to get them up and running again. “In my business, when I can lose $70,000 overnight because of a hack or mistake or technology issue, then break-fix is not worth it,” says Don McKinnon, a managing member of the Las Vegas mortgage brokerage.

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