Security Breach! Fixing Holes and Backdoors in your IT Network

The Trouble with Security
It can be tough to make a security system 100% secure from an attack. Imagine that you were setting up a security system for your home. You might put a chain-link fence around your property, and get a lock for your door. But maybe the fence is too low and easy for people to get over, now you build a taller fence with a locked gate.

Social Phishing! How Attackers use your Social Media Against You!

\We talk a lot on this blog about cyber security and how to keep your business safe. Our focus is typically on exposing new threats, and helping you find safer ways to help your office operate correctly.

However, no amount of security measures can protect you if people within your organization are not operating safely with social media.

How Did I get Hacked? Tips for Staying Safe Online!

Millions of people have their account compromised every year. Attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable data and are constantly changing their tactics. This can make it harder and harder to keep your valuable data safe. But one of the best ways to stay safe is learning how you got hacked in the first place so you know how to avoid it in the future.

What is a SimSwap Attack?

If you keep up with cyber security news then you have probably heard of a Sim Swap attack. They have been an emerging problem in the cyber security world for a while and their influence has only grown. Essentially a Sim Swap attack is when a fake account takes over the access of someone's phone number and transfers it to a new Sim card.

Cyber Safety Tips for Everyone

Working online can be convenient and helpful for so many businesses. In fact, because of the impact of Covid-19 many organizations are moving entirely online. But just because something is easier does not mean that it is safer.

Following a few simple steps can make everyone more secure online, and security is like a net.

How to Find Success with Managed Services

Working with managed services providers for IT support can be a great way to bolster your business. The push to continue work out of the office and create a fully mobile workforce is making managed service providers a more popular choice than ever.

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