Monthly Hardware Upgrade Program

A stable system, in this day and age, is an up-to-date system. With the increasing resources demanded by users and applications, ensuring your hardware is up-to-date is critical to the effectiveness of your organization. By using our unique hardware as a service model, you can ensure managed, consistent infrastructure upgrade cycles. This makes it far more predictable to budget your expenses, prevent downtime caused by outdated or out-of-warranty equipment, or implement workflow enhancements that arise from superior IT resources.

Intelligent Technical Solutions’s Hardware as a Service program helps save you from the stress and disruption that comes from the ongoing obligation to research, plan, and implement new equipment and operating systems. It ensures you are always up-to-date with the advances of technology, while maintaining a sense of consistency in your expenditure and workflow. Change is necessarily a part of the world we live in today -- Though we must embrace it, it's best to make sure the change is implemented in a consistent manner.

We specialize in computer financing for Las Vegas – By providing you a fixed monthly charge for warranties and equipment upgrades, we eliminate larger, unpredictable financial investments in infrastructure. This allows IT equipment costs and related maintenance services to qualify as operating expenses, offering you a specific, significant tax advantage.

Being an authorized reseller for many of the industry's top vendors, ITS has the ability to provide you upgrades, exchanges, and brand new equipment for rates that are competitive and discounted. We also have the knowledge to implement various types of hardware configurations based on your unique needs. By setting up a Hardware as a Service contract, you are free from having to continuously deliberate on new hardware purchases, stay on top of each and every technology advance, or fret about whether a purchase is worthwhile – These are decisions we can navigate for you, freeing you of surprise costs or investments, freeing your mind to run your business.

  • Consistency - We offer the most straightforward, consistent plans for hardware upgrades, specializing in computer financing Las Vegas.
  • Foresight -- Plan and predict all your upgrade cycles.
  • Central Management -- Centrally manage all warranties, upgrades, equipment, and purchases.
  • Tax Savings -- Take advantage of unique tax savings provided by this special program.

"We provide infrastructure hardware, cloud computing, OS, and other business applications and warranty services for all your IT equipment such as servers, workstations, netbooks, firewalls, monitors, switches, routers, and data backup."

Let us bring predictability to your expenses as well as your revenue and profits.