Distributed File Collaboration

Distributed File Collaboration -- File Sharing Gone Robust

Has your company missed milestones because of disruption in your lines of communication, or a mix-up caused by overwritten or older versions of files?

Distributed File Collaboration leverages and builds upon Microsoft's built-in DFS file system, ensuring that your documents and files are always up-to-date. With real-time file replication, you no longer need to rely on a conventional centralized file repository, email, or FTP.

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You’ll never be concerned if several authors are simultaneously editing the same document as versions are preserved, flagged and protected through our real-time file-locking process.

The task of manually juggling the updates of documents by staff is difficult to impossible at a certain stage. With Distributed File Collaboration, we offer the provision and the tools to ensure that all files are automatically managed, updated, and shared in the proper manner.

We ensure they are available wherever and however a staff member demands it, whatever the bandwidth, for either small or large file sharing.

It's important for all your staff to have immediate access to the latest version of all files, wherever they are, whenever they need. You have total control over which files get replicated. The service is powerful, working across various domains, servers, systems and geographical environments used by your distributed workforce. We offer you the most advanced file locking, syncing, and replication system available.

Distributed File Collaboration from ITS and Peer Software (formerly Folder Maestro) is:

  • Secure – All file transfers are encrypted via SSL.
  • Leverages Microsoft DFS -- DFS provides robust, scalable, secure replication for your distributed workforce.
  • Efficient – Only edited portions of a file are replicated, saving you the need to replicate an entire file, which may cost hundred or thousands of Megabytes of bandwidth.
  • Flexible – We provide fully customized access options for folders and users.
  • Rapid – Through efficient technologies, small and large file sharing over the Internet can occur at near LAN speeds.

"With Distributed File Collaboration from Intelligent Technical Solutions and our partner Peer File Collaboration Enterprise -- Peer Software, your distributed workforce can upload, edit, update and share files in real-time, for increased efficiency and teamwork on a global scale."

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