IT Services

Technology solutions help Las Vegas area businesses

Systems and networks are very difficult for small business, on their own, to plan out, set up, deploy, and safeguard. Whether looking to save on capital, prevent unforeseen issues from arising, or simply ensure that all information is easily, thoroughly, and visibly communicated, we at IT Technical Solutions can help provide you the right solution.

Some of the products and services we offer are:

  • IT Consulting – Our knowledge and expertise in the very latest of technology offerings not just help you set up, but helping you understand, your network.
  • On Demand Services – We can provide you IT services per your needs, as you require, by the hour.
  • Managed Services – Alternatively, we can provide you a thorough managed IT solution that helps you rest assured in 24/7 service and monitoring protection, with a predictable, fixed monthly cost.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – We have the full expertise in ensuring all of your infrastructure is redundant, as well as ensuring your organization is fully prepared for any contingency, fully able to recover from unforeseen events as quickly as possible.
  • Hardware as a Service – We can provide the similar type of managed service contract for your hardware as well, providing you a consistent, fixed monthly fee and consistent hardware upgrade cycles.
  • Microsoft Small Business Server – As a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, we provide expert level planning, setup, and maintenance of your Microsoft based services.
  • Virtual Hosting – We can help you offload your entire systems infrastructure so that maintenance of your network need not be handled on-site at your company.

We service the full spectrum of small business solutions, though we provide specialized solutions for medical professionals including doctors and dentists, accountants, and attorneys.

Solutions from Intelligent Technical Solutions are simple, fast, and cost effective to for your Las Vegas business to implement!